Before Photos

It took me two months to take the action and post my before photos! Why?


The feeling when you are standing in front of your wardrobe for a good hour listing tens of hangers you can not fit into. Spending another hour trying for a miracle on some of the loose dresses. The good news is, you say to yourself, that my shoes will never put me down. And accesories are my best friend of course, who on the earth will judge my majestic love handles, when their attention will be taken by this astonishing hand made bijouterie!

Then you end up in your sister’s closet anyway, borrowing a nice dress that fits you. Because your sister is also overweight, but at least she has nice dresses, when you have your 10 years old clothes hanging sad and unworn, because you don’t want to get rid of them. Obviously, one day, they will fit again. That denial is living there longer than your old- fashioned bell-bottomes trousers.

The feeling when you had a couple of tequilas, let everything go, stopped scanning skinny bitches that are just everywhere and you are just having a blast. Moreover, in sexy and comfortable outfit.

That feeling, when everybody sing and jump at I’m sexy and I know it but you are just awkwardly standing there.

If you want to kick that body of a stranger you are occupying, now is the time.

Voilá, my measurements:

Chest: 98 cm

Belly: 91 cm

Butt: 100 cm

Thighs: 102 cm

Bicep : 30 cm

Calf : 38 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Height: 158 cm


And finaly before photos:


before photos


before photos


Do you want to start weight loss journey on your own? Send me your before photos and join me!



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