Dominican Republic Lowcost III

Dominican republic LOWCOST

Read my last article about my 2 weeks in Dominican republic and how you can do it, too. Lowcost.


El Limón

There are odes obout Samaná and Las Terrenas. Moreover, from mid January till end of March is whale watching season. With unstable wifi, I was happy to book some decent accomodation in Las Terrenas. But to my big surprise, our hotel was not EXACTLY in Las Terrenas as I supposed. Las Terrenas is 40 km away from Samaná. Our accomodation was in El Limón, which was somewhere in the middle.

We were horrified when we arrived at El Limón, but the hotel room was clean, new, beds were very comfartable and the bathroom was also great. As a plus we had a small kitchnette on our terrace.


dominican republic lowcost


The positive thing about this was that we planned to visit the waterfall named El Limón , which was in El Limón!

The bad thing was, that El Limón was nothing but noplaceville.

We stayed 3 nights. Because there is no beach in El Limón and nothing to do, we just chilled out at hotel, because it was too late to travel to Las Terrenas to have some beach time. I was very looking forward to those 3 nights of promising sleep. The hotel was kind of in the jungle, but the households were all around in the neighborhood.

Unfortunatelly, sleepless marathon continued until the end of our holiday. Paper-thin walls let us share everything with the neighbours. I don’t mean hotel guest neighbours, because we were the only ones staying there. So I was waken up when somenone cleared his throat, or by someone’s alarm clock. The icing on the cake was cock-crowing approximately from 3 a.m until morning. All roosters in radius of 500 metres, (which was A LOT) crewed in terrifying „they are cooking me alive“ way. Very enjoyable. I was waking up nasty, needless to say.


Las Terrenas

The next day we took a local bus to Las Terrenas, where it looked absolutely nothing like El Limón. A lot of tourists, mainly older people (granny on a squad nothing unusual), luxurious hotels, millions of restaurants and bars on the beach. Nothing for budget travelers, though and no street food.

We heard the beaches of Las Terrenas are exectionally beautiful, but Las Terrenas’ beach  was useless. Just few metres wide, absolutely noisy from the traffic, swimming not possible due to difficult acces. Moreover, water was at knee hight for tens of metres. No one way lying on the beach nor swimming. So where are these stunning beaches?


dominican republic lowcost
Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas


We needed to take mototaxi to the normal beach. There were coule of them and we chose Playa Bonita. And it was worth it! There were only couple of people. It was quiet and peaceful. We stayed all day here, took mototaxi back to Las Terrenas and had a dinner there. Then we caught a goa-goa to El Limón. From Las Terrenas to El Limon it should cost 50 pesos. From Las Terrenas to Playa Bonita and back we paid approximately 250 pesos. You must negotiate.

El Limón the waterfall

The best for last, we bought an organised trip to watch whales and horseback ride to El Limón Waterfall. This cost 75$ each but it was worth it. However, I would not recommend the horse tour to waterfall, it’s not a difficult trip at all, even though you need to hire a guide. This is not because of the challenging conditions, but I think since it’s a national park, it’s for the safety. And maybe their business. Be aware you can not enter the park with the dogs. Normally I like riding a horse, but I was freaking out, becuase horses were stumbling on the sllippery rocks and I didn’t enjoy it at all. Poor animals.

The waterfalls are amazing and and you can swim there.

dominican republic lowcost
Waterfall El Limón



Whale – watching took place in Samaná and it was very exciting! We didn’t stay in Samaná, we were only passing, but it looked thousand times better than the capital city Santo Domingo! We had a tiny boat and that was a ride! It was a real fun until we stopped at the open sea and were waiting for whales to show. This was worse part for few fellow traveles, who were sick due to rocking on the waves. I didn’t feel very good, neither, but when we glimped the whale in distance, I wasn’t thinking about it!


dominican republic lowcost
Whale watching at Samaná. This is baby whale showing off.


After this spectacular experience, we headed to Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island, because there was a commercial for Bacardi rum being shot. I didn’t know this advert then, but when I saw it later at home, I was expecting someting … Epic to place become such a tourist magnet.


dominican republic lowcost
Cayo Levantado


Nonetheless the Island was stunning and we enjoyed about and hour relaxing on the beach. When we came back to El Limón, we had a lunch (inclusive the trip) and went fairly tired to our hotel.

This was a remarkable last day of our stay in Dominican republic!


Would I reccomend El Limón?

I do recommend waterfalls, but I don’t recommend El Limón for your stay.

I also recommend whale watching.


Would I reccomend Dominican republic?

Absolutely yes! Everywhere you can find beautiful places, but DR has a lot to offer. I am sure you will find something that interestes you.

However if you are a true foodie and seek local food experience, you might have a problem. Thailand is much better for this.



  • beautiful beaches
  • good rum and coffee
  • the best and biggest avocados ever


  • tourist tax
  • lack of food options for people seeking traditional food
  • lack of streetfood
  • noise
  • prices adjusted to rich clientelle


Expences breakdown

Flight tickets:  700 $

Insurance: 73 $

Shopping for holiday: 213 $

Transportation: 144 $

Food and drinks: 401 $

Trip:  150 $

Souvernirs: 28 $

Accomodation: 338 $

Total: Approximatelly  2 100 $

(The prices are for 2 people)


Don’t forget to chech first  and second article about  this holiday.

What do you think? What are your tips on budget travelling? What is your top destination?




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