Goal Wear


I have a wardrobe full of clothes I can not fit into. It is such a frustrating moment when I find out my clothes have shrunk.


„What the fuck…  I wore this 2 weeks ago…“

Unfortunately my clothes did not shrink, I got bigger. AGAIN.

The most suicidal moment comes when I can not fit into clothes bought for my fat stranger. Yes, I bought something to wear for that bastard –  hating every moment of it. And NOW I even WISH to fit in THAT again. What a twist. What a failure. I promised to myself it can not be worse. This is the highest weight in my entire life. OK, I reached my life maximum, this will NOT go any further.

Right in my face! Now I need to lose weight to be even FAT!


From the beginning of my weight loss journey I knew how I will treat myself for success. I chose some of my clothes as my GOAL WEAR, something I can not fit into right now, but I should after  my regular weighting and measuring. I strongly encourage you to do this, the feeling is just great. It is just as awesome as stepping at scale and see what you wished for!

You can choose for your goal wear coctail dress size 34,  if that is what you wish to achieve, but leave it as your final goal wear. Break that into partial goal wears, so you treat yourself also for smaller success. Don’t torment yourself waiting for grand finale when you say good-bye to your stranger.

Because I gained weight gradually, I have a lot of pieces that will be my goal wears along the way. If you don’t have any, buy some pieces one size smaller. If you are trying to lose A LOT of weight,your goal wears don’t have to get you ruined. You can buy just few pieces at cheap stores or thrift shops. This shouldn’t be a problem while this is that PLEASANT part of losing weight.

After my first progress post, I took a picture of my goal wear, but I didn’t post it, because I unexpectedly went for a holiday.

These jeans are the case mentioned above. They were bought for my stranger and I had to lose some weight to fit into them again!

Fortunatelly, mission accomplished.

It is not perfect though, I still feel a bit uncomfortable, especially sitting, but the progress is there! Anyway, who cares about sitting! The more happy I am, because I did not lose much centimeters, but clothes tell you always the truth!

goal wear

Do you have your goal wear? Do you buy new clothes, or use something from your wardrobe?

Let me know in comments.



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