Progress Post # 2

After first progress post, when I was 2,4 kg lighter and 2 cm thinner, here is my next weighting and measuring.

It should have been done in February, but I was on holiday and I wanted the photos look as much the same as possible. Speaking of environment, but I feel they look exactly the same in terms of CONTENT, too. That’s not what I am aiming for, though.


Fortunately, my first goal wear was successful! Yes!


Check it out here.

Except my goal wear I should now fit in, my goal for this weighting was that my weight will start with number 5!


I haven’t seen this number (at the beginning) a loooooooooooong time. It would be very important any symbolic for me to finally reach it.


progress post 2

Will there be FINALLY 5?


I was gone for three weeks and did not exercise (only once! :/ ).


I had no idea what the outcame will be. Did I gain weight? How did I do? Will there be 5? Am I exactly where I was?

3 weeks without exercising is a lot! That could be 1 lost kg if I stayed at my regime at home (maybe).

Anyway, I wasn’t streesed about it, I enjoyed my holiday and prayed for good results. First thing in the morning when we got back home was stepping at scales…


progress post 2


My measurements:

  • Chest: – 3 cm
  • Belly : – 2 cm
  • Butt:  – 2 cm
  • Thighs:   – 5 cm
  • Bicep : same
  • Calf : – 1 cm
  • Weight: – 5,3 kg
  • Goal wear:  ✔
  • Activities: Walking, walking uphill, running, tabata,  but mostly just enjoying holiday!


Wow, that makes me 13 cm thinner and 5, 3 kg lighter!


I am SO happy, especially with insecurity after holiday. However, the only difference at this photo is my  sun tan! 😀

progress post 2


progress post 2


I had beautiful acne-free back and 2 days before this photo THAT happened :/ .

Maybe I would have had even better results if I worked out during the holiday (I could), but my lazyness won.

Wha about you, do you work out on your holiday?



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