Progress Post # 1

For everyone (including me), wondering what progress have I made since my initial photos, here is the very first progress post.

Let me tell you first how it used to happen to me.


Classic scenario

1. Unconfortable becomes normal

You can describe in details what you hate about you, what is all wrong with your body, how is it unfair, that some people are beautiful & thin, become beautiful and/ or thin, have flawless skin, teeth, hair or whatever and all this kind of shit. Yes. You are very good at this. So am I. And probably everyone insecure as hell.  You feel unconfortable. Not because you look like 2 people, or because you hate the idea of paying more for flight ticket if you are overweight, but because you also feel like living in this body with univited neighbour. But somehow… As days pass, you two are getting along quite OK, and if some self- awarness happens to you, your „buddy“ tells you to shut up and Twixes your mouth. 

And one day, your apperience becomes normal to you.

Everyone already knows how I look like, so what? (says who now…?)


2. Awakening

Even though you live in more or less comfortable denial, there are endless ways how you can pick up that wake up call.

I know you hate taking photos of yourself, but when you or more likely someone else does… BAM! Wake up call!


When your doctor politely says you should lose couple of kilograms (meaning 20 or more) and you just stick 2 Mars bars in your ears and one in your mouth and happilly return home. But when he says you are going to stick needle to your stomach for the rest of your otherwise short life, meaning not only having this fat mate on you, but Diabetes knocking on your door, too… BAM! Wake up call!


When you had a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband/ brother/ child/ cat/  and you suddenly can’t  find them because they might get lost in your layers of…yourself… BAM! YOU SHOULD WAKE UP! NOW!


My sister is very honest with me. She just stares at me for a moment and then tells me: „ Ali, we are disgusting.“  BAM! … What?!


3. Commitment

I am going to do it. Now it will be for good! I can do it! I won’t  start tomorrow, I am starting right now!


4. You are doing it!

I am doing it! Working out, my diet is great! I am on track, yes!


5. Natural miracle

You are being such a good girl/boy, and then you just confirm that you are a natural miracle. Because NOTHING happened. Yes, yes, maybe you tripled number of you red blood cells, but who cares! You want to see outer change as well! No, just… Nothing. Nada. Nichts.


6. I take you to the candy shop

„Shut up, stranger, I am a natural miracle, so don’t tell me what to do. Here, have some ice cream!“



One month is therefore very cruical for me. Because usually really nothing happens and that demotivates me, my work-out performance drops and finally vanishes completely, and eventually I am where I began. I am generally very impatient in all I do.


When it comes to weight loss, yesterday was too late.

Everyone wants to see results immediately and would be the happiest to lose it all in few weeks. I didn’t expect that (but I wish!), but please at least SOMETHING to keep me in track, to keep going.

If you do not see any change, no you are not looking at the picture from December. This is me today. And thus, here is my SOMETHING:

  • Chest: same
  • Belly : same
  • Butt:     -1 cm
  • Thighs:   -1 cm
  • Bicep : same
  • Calf : same
  • Weight: – 2,4 kg
  • Height: 158 cm
  • Back acne: MUCH better!
  • Goal wear:  ✔
  • Activities: Walking, walking uphill, running, push – ups


progress post 1


I have no idea where that 2,4 kg went, because these 2 pictures are just the same. I think it takes minimum 5 kg to SEE the difference, as I lose and gain weight evenly everywhere. At first I thought I lost something from my back, but it was just acne. 😀 I am glad for that, too!


To be honest, I can see myself doing lot more than what I did. The outcome mirrors the effort. If the result is not enough, that I am doing not enough. I am setting my goal to be finally under 60 kg next weighting.


If you are considering kicking your outer stranger’s butt, connect with me. Together we are stronger!


What do you think about my progress? 



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